Pre-Academy Development



Development Soccer Program

What sets Doradus apart from the rest?  Our goal for each child is to develop strong highly skilled soccer players, in a safe and fun environment.  The professional soccer Coaches, Pre-Academy and Technical Directors on our staff, are highly qualified instructors.  Children in our academy train, play and develop a passion for the sport.  Let us prepare your child for his/her successful soccer journey.

How does it work?   We are looking for boys and girls born between December 31, 2009 and January 1, 2011(U6-U7-U8).  There are no tryouts and no child will be denied an opportunity to join.  Our coaching staff will offer “Player ID sessions” (Player Identification Sessions) to further develop each child individually.  This gives parents and program managers an opportunity to see if their child is ready to engage in a more structured soccer environment.   “Player pools” will be created from the ID Sessions.  Each player group will enjoy two training sessions during the week, and weekend games in collaboration with other club programs.  The players will train alongside other Barca Travel team players and experience a full club oriented program.  Mature U6 players can train and participate in the program.

What’s the big picture?  The mission of Doradus’ Pre-Academy program is multifaceted. Emphasis is placed on “individual” player development instead of team development.  A great example of how we do this is utilizing the ‘Player Pool” model.  This model is used successfully at other top club programs around the county.  Skill set development in the areas of: Agility, flexibility, mobility, balance, speed, coordination and motor skills are paramount.  Developing all of these key skills are necessary to become a highly successful soccer player.  Barca will help build your child’s foundation and sound knowledge of the game. 

How is Doradus' Pre-Academy different from local Recreational Soccer Programs?  When comparing recreational soccer programs to Pre-Academy or travel soccer programs in the country, more than likely the skill level of the Pre Academy/Travel players is much higher.  In most cases, the Pre-Academy or Travel players are more likely to demonstrate better technical skills and sharper knowledge and understanding of the game.  One of the most important advantages of enrolling your child in Doradus'  Pre-Academy is individualized professional training while having fun.

Doradus Training sessions and League Games?  The primary training sessions are held on Tuesdays & Thursdays (5:30 pm – 7:3045 pm) at Franconia Park, Springfield VA.   Satellite sessions are held in other surrounding areas in Fairfax County, VA based on availability and number of players in the pool.  Saturday festival league games are conducted in the Metro Development Soccer League (Cross-Over Program), and held between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm at Brenman Park, City of Alexandria VA.  Training locations can also vary depending on availability and weather conditions within the Fairfax County general area.

What is the cost?    The full cost of the regular season is approximately $225 per player (includes training, league play, and one Uniform game jersey).  Players will purchase game shorts, socks and shin guards independently from our uniform portal.


Doradus Specialized Player Development Program!!

Developed by the Pre-Academy Director (Mohammed Onibudo).  This specialized player develpment program consist of a year-round selection of training, competing, and enjoyment in fun filled activites.  The children play in a combination of festival events such as summer Kick-It 3v3, 4v4 tournaments, MLS Futbolito 4v4 ( hosted by DC United),  FUTSAL, and the Disney 3v3 Championships in December,   These specialized programs are separate from the regular season fees.

How do I Register?   Tryouts & Initial Club Registration:     Click here!